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Director of Dansehallerne in Copenhagen.

As an artist and activist, she works with choreography in the form of dance, imagery, film and writing. ”Choreographed events challenge and offer new visions for the creation of a reality where political activities and everyday action can be questioned and reformulated”. Her award-winning works have been presented in more then 35 countries, often seen as controversial and trailblazing. Efva Lilja is also a popular lecturer and the author of 11 books. She has an active role in the development of artistic research, art policies, and mentoring, as a member of various international bodies. Dancer and Choreographer 1979-, Artistic Director of E.L.D. 1985-2005, Professor of Choreography 2003-2006, Vice-Chancellor of DOCH, the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm 2006-2013, Expert Adviser to the Swedish government 2015. As of 2016 Artistic Director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen.

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