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Péter Inkei, b. 1945, is the Director of the Budapest Observatory (full name: Regional Observatory on Culture in East-Central Europe). An independent non-profit organisation, it conducts or takes part in various projects on cultural policy, finances and planning (www.budobs.org).

Dr Inkei has done consultancy in various fields of cultural policy, among others for the Council of Europe, the city of Košice, the Hungarian national development agency, the  European Expert Network on Culture beside the European Commission, and the Eastern Partnership programme. He is the author of the Hungarian entry of the Compendium of cultural policies, and was in the preparatory task force of the Council of Europe ministerial conference in Moscow, in 2013. Served on the Board of Cultural Information and Research Centres Liaison in Europe (CIRCLE), was a stakeholders’ representative on the LabforCulture board of the European Cultural Foundation, and has been key speaker at a number of international conferences.

Previously, had held various positions in the civil service, including deputy minister for culture, general director for publishing (Ministry of Culture), national coordinator of research (Ministry of Education), and his first job was at the National Commission for Unesco.

Péter Inkei has also worked in the book sector: was general director for publishing at the Ministry of Culture (1987-1991), founding director of the Budapest International Book Festival (1994), and has been deputy director of the Central European University Press since 2001.

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